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How It Works

The Convenient Way To Sell Your Car

We are a convenient way of selling your vehicle because instead of taking your time to drive somewhere and having your car seriously undervalued, thereby wasting your time and effort we give a fair price as well as visiting you at your convenience. We are also a better option than private selling where random people call with silly offers.

A professional from our team arrives to you and inspects the vehicle at your convenience and doesn’t force a sale or begin bargaining like most would in that situation. You are then given a no obligation offer with a 10 day guarantee for you to think about and inform us at a later date how you’d like to proceed. If you decide there and then to go-ahead, we will make immediate payment and ensure that you have received the money before our staff leaves the premises with the bought vehicle.

Start by filling in form

Please ensure that you enter as much detail as you can, taking time ideally to walk around you car. The accuracy of the purchase price we quote online reflects the accuracy of the information you provide us with as well as our own internal pricing process. Please also ensure that you enter correct contact details for us to call you, as we may need to speak to you to maximize our offer for your car. No two used cars are the same and just 5 minutes on the phone to us will save you taking half a day off work, taking you car to one of our competitors to have almost exactly the same conversation.

We will then quote you a price

Is it possible to quote a guaranteed price without seeing your car? No, it isn’t and we would strongly urge that you stay clear of anyone who tells you otherwise. However, with the right process, tools and communication skill, it is possible to be “almost there”.At We Buy All Motors. Since we started measuring our quotation accuracy, we continue to average almost 97% of the price we quote prior to our inspection. In other words, If we quote quote £10000 on average we are transacting at circa £9700. This compares to a sector average between 70% and 80%.

We then call to arrange viewing

If you ask an estate agent how much is your house is worth and then asked he or she how much they would buy it for the second figure would be different to the first figure. This, in essence, is the difference between the estimated online valuations and a qualified purchase quotation. To provide with you the latter, we will need to spend 10 minutes or so on the phone to you. Remember, the conversation is the conversation you will have with our competitors when you take the car to them. Our approach is easier for you as we visit you and offer a better experience.